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Paying for others online 
is now effortless and secure

No more abandoned carts when shoppers need someone else to pay. Say goodbye to the hassle of recreating shopping lists and sharing shipping or billing info.

Now shoppers can select Payforme at checkout to send a secure link to payers anywhere in the world. Payers can complete the transaction instantly, saving time and e
ffort and avoiding mistakes when ordering.

Merchants can add Payforme to their online store for free
How it works

Here's how it works

Securely simplifying payments for everyone, everywhere

Easy checkout. A smooth checkout process is key. But it can be a pain when the shopper and the payer are different people. That's why we enable shoppers and payers to each do their thing, quickly and easily.

Secure transactions. We provide a unique and encrypted link to ensure payment details remain confidential and protected.

Payforme is powered by Stripe to deliver a trusted solution.

Borderless payments. With our innovative payment solution, we empower people to pay from anywhere in the world.


Why everyone loves it

Payforme adds value to merchants, shoppers and payers

can sell more
  • Expand customer base by providing access to shoppers without a credit card.

  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment caused by payment-related issues.

  • Decrease returns and refunds resulting from incorrect shopping information.

  • Access a vast network of shoppers and payers from anywhere in the world.

Shoppers can get others
to pay for their cart
  • Prepare the cart and at the checkout, get a unique and secure payment link to share with anyone, anywhere.

  • As soon as they are paid for, the transaction will be completed automatically.

  • Monitor the status of all your carts in a single dashboard.

  • Avoid the hassle of asking for credit card information or managing money transfers or gift cards.

Payers can seamlessly
review and pay
  • Easily review a shopping cart created by someone else.

  • Pay securely and smoothly from anywhere, in only a few clicks.

  • Avoid sharing credit card info, asking for shipping details, or having to recreate the shopping cart. Just pay.

  • Eliminate the risk of wasting time and money by purchasing the wrong item or unused gift cards.

Built on platforms and partnerships with industry leaders


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