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PayForMe partners with Stripe to help businesses accept payments from the massive network of friends and families

Payment Service for businesses of all sizes 

How it works

Buy and let someone else pay

Customers buy or shop at any of our partner stores without paying directly. They select PayForMe at checkout and receive a payment link they can share with friends & family.


Most convenient way to pay for purchases made by friends & family

We understand the inconvenience of paying for others. So we're making life easier for everyone. Buyers share their payment link with anyone they'd like. And anyone with the link can pay in a few taps.

How it works

Merchants increase sales and reduce shopping cart abandonment by eliminating the step where teenagers have to translate their custom purchase specs to their parents. Even sometimes after spending hours customizing an item.


Merchants also access the extensive network of families using our tool - similar to the network of buyers who use Klarna or Affirm.


Teenagers experience friction when trying to buy a highly customized product online. They usually need parents to finance the purchase and don’t want to take hours to re-customize a product on the parent's desktop.

PayForMe enables a seamless checkout process as they don't have to worry about getting customized specs to the parent, handling credit card information and managing cash or gift cards.


Parents find it hard to monitor and manage their children’s purchases. Credit cards with limits do not offer real time consent over a purchase.

Parents benefit by having increased control and authorization - every transaction is approved by the parent. Parents are able to effectively manage their children’s purchases and ensure nothing unapproved is purchased.

Built on platforms and partnerships with industry leaders

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