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Get Any Product from Any Store and Let Others Pay

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Add Any Product from Any Store; Let Loved Ones Pay, All Without Sharing Shipping or Payment Info

Ultimate Flexibility:
Pick Any Product or Service; Get One or Many to Pay

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How it Works


Find Your Desired Product

Browse any online store for the perfect item


Create Your Payforme Page

Paste the product URL into your Payforme page and add additional details such as the product's name and amount


Share and Receive Contributions

Share your Payforme link with friends and family, who can then contribute towards the purchase.

As a young professional juggling work and a social life, finding the perfect gifts used to be a hassle. Payforme changed everything! Now I can pick anything from any store, share a link with friends and family, and they can contribute without any awkward money exchanges. Plus, my shipping details stay private. It's the easiest and coolest way to get exactly what I want!

Emily Johnson, CA

What makes Payforme different

With Payforme, you can get any product from any store, offering unmatched flexibility over traditional registries. Just add the product URL, create your Payforme page, and share the link. Contributions are easy and private, with no need to handle shipping or payment details. Unlike sending cash, Payforme ensures the items you choose are purchased and delivered to you. Share your link via social media, email, or messaging apps for quick contributions. Enjoy a transparent, reliable, and convenient gifting experience with the perfect gift every time.

Secure, no-obligation signup

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